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Editorial standards and ethics

All of The Workback’s stories are subject to rigorous editorial standards for fact-checking, clarity, depth, and transparency.


The Workback is committed to providing our audiences with accurate information. Writers must always ensure the accuracy of content published to the best of their ability.

We are transparent about where our information comes from, whether it is from an interview, a book, or a scientific study. We make credit clear to our readers, so they know where information comes from, and we endeavour to include diverse voices and ideas.

Editors fact-check the information included in our content. If a correction must be made, we move as quickly as possible and follow the corrections process for The Workback.

Sourcing and Interviews

Unless otherwise noted, all direct quotes are original and supplied to writers via interviews.

Writers at The Workback will attempt to conduct as many live interviews, via a video call, or on the phone, as possible. It is the method we ask our writers to request first before an email or chat-based interview.


Freelancers who contribute original reporting, analysis, essays, or any other media (audio, photography, illustrations, etc.) to The Workback are expected to uphold the standards and ethics of The Workback.

Contributors are expected to act with integrity regarding professionalism, fact-checking, respect, empathy, curiosity, and courtesy toward any interview subject or topic they are exploring for The Workback.

Serving the audience of The Workback, the ultimate remit for any contributor is to make their audience more thoughtful about the concepts of co-creation and progress. 

Responsibility and Respect

The Workback is committed to treating all persons, organizations, and companies fairly and respecting their dignity and privacy. The Workback aims to give the subjects of works the opportunity to comment wherever possible. If we have yet to get in touch or have yet to receive a comment by our deadline, we will update the story once the comment is provided.


The Workback has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism. Writers must describe ideas and events in their own words or credit the content’s sources if any. 

Editors review articles for plagiarism, and if any is found, there is an immediate inspection of all work the writer has published.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The Workback believes that all human beings deserve respect, representation, and equal access to opportunity. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are at the heart of our work as storytellers. The Workback deeply respects different viewpoints, which is why its editors seek representation and diversity in our staff, collaborators, and sourcing. 

Customers, Partners, and Employees of Asana, Inc.

The Workback is published by Asana, Inc.

The Workback’s policy is to be fully transparent about the relationships between customers, partners, or employees and Asana, Inc.

When The Workback mentions a customer, employee, or partner of Asana, Inc., we will note the relationship at the bottom of the story. We will identify those instances within the article as well.

The views and opinions in The Workback do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Asana, Inc., or any of its affiliates, and are not intended to be business advice from Asana.


The Workback readers can reach our editors through this The Workback contact page. Messages are checked regularly, and any information pertinent to an article is promptly addressed.

Asana Forward takes place March 28, 2023 at 10 a.m. Pacific.