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Introducing the all-new Asana Guide

Nikki Henderson

August 15th, 2016

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Asana Guide. The new Guide is designed to help you master the Asana basics, easily onboard your team, and get the most out of Asana.

Why a new Guide?

If you’ve used the Guide before, you know it’s always been chock full of helpful content to teach you the how and why of using Asana. From creating your first to task, to tips on introducing Asana to your entire team, the Guide is your go-to resource for learning Asana.

But for many, Asana represents an entirely new way of working, and we often get the question: What is the best way to use Asana? So, we studied how our most successful customers get up to speed and onboard their team. Then we updated the Guide based on that journey so it can be yours, too.

We studied how our most successful organizations learn Asana, and updated the Guide based on their journey—so it can be yours, too.

What’s new?

Here’s a look at what’s new in the Guide:

A clear journey

Through our research, we learned that many of our most successful customers adopt Asana in three distinct phases:

First, a new user learns the basics for themselves, and invites a couple of trusted teammates to use Asana with them. Then they introduce Asana to the rest of their team, helping their teammates along the way. Finally, they begin using Asana for more types of work within their team, or even across different teams at their company.

We rebuilt the Asana Guide to better map to that journey, breaking the content down into three sections so it’s clear where to go for the information you need at each stage.

We also added design elements to better orient you along this journey. Within the three main sections of the Guide, you can see which articles you’ve already read and track your progress along the way (remind you of anything? 😉 ). The new design also matches the look and feel of our recently re-designed product and blog for a simple and clear reading experience.

Asana guide quick start

Resources to share with your team

As we learned more about our customers, it became clear that having educational resources to share is critical to getting teammates up and running. The new Guide has an entire section of resources with videos, checklists, presentations, email templates, and more to equip you with the materials you need to get your teammates on board.

Examples to inspire you

Finally, because we know there almost a million and one ways to use Asana, we added a dedicated section to showcase some of them. It has examples of projects you can create for various types of teams—including marketing, engineering and product management, human resources, and more. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for how to create these workflows in Asana, and can learn about more powerful functionality to further customize Asana for your team.

Cut meeting time in half. It's not magic—it's Asana.

Ultimately, we hope that the new Guide feels like more than just a knowledge base. We’ve aimed to make it the single best place to learn how to track work with your entire company in Asana, from day 1 to day 137,483 (and beyond!) But we know that the Guide is only as good as you tell us it is. So check out the new Guide, and let us know what you think!