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About The Workback

The Workback is a magazine that offers reporting, essays, interviews, and news on the future of leadership. 

The evolution of work is accelerating rapidly, credited to changing cultural attitudes, macroeconomic forces, and business leaders proactively reshaping the workday. In lockstep, employee expectations about productivity, communication, teamwork, and goals are changing.

The how, where, when, and why of work—new ideas, production, distribution, and marketing projects—are dramatically transforming. The mission of The Workback is to chronicle and forecast those metamorphoses for leaders.


Our view

The Workback was created by business, technology, science, and culture writers and thinkers who are fascinated by how work is changing.  

We aim to explore the ideas that inspire the world’s most innovative businesses and the people that lead them.



Publisher — Steph Hess

Head of Editorial — Emily Anne Epstein

Executive Editor — Nick Lucchesi

Managing Editor — Whitney Vige

Operations Lead — Jasmine Girn

Contributing Editor — Daniel Bentley

Art & Design

Brand Designer, Interactive — Hillary Chin

Brand Designer — Roger Hensley

Interactive Brand Design Manager — Chean Wei Law

Creative Director — Nick Levesque

Interactive Producer — Aubrey Rogers

Contributing Artists

Jordan Bogash, Nick Levesque, Nien-Ken Alec Lu, Hannah Minn